Uptown Underground

 Where It All Began…

uptown underground

The Uptown Broadway Building

In 2010, producers Chris O Biddle and Jenn A Kincaid dreamed of a beautiful theater in Chicago, where discerning patrons could gather, enjoy delicious beverages and see the finest burlesque, cabaret, magic and retro-themed entertainment in the city. Immersed in the spirit, freedom and wild spontaneity that defined the “speakeasy” culture of the 1920’s, this new venue would present modern spins on jazz-age entertainment. A new home for Chicago’s own unmistakable presence in American musical history!

The goal was to create a lavish, fully-functional performance space that would be dedicated to the arts of burlesque, cabaret, comedy, magic and music in Chicago. In order to achieve this, Biddle & Kincaid created “The Kiss Kiss Cabaret” – a flagship show that could move to the new space, define the style of entertainment for the venue, and give new patrons a reason to visit for the very first time.

In Oct, 2013 a location was found in the underground space of the beautiful Uptown Broadway Building. An investor was identified, a general contractor was hired and construction of the new performance space began on Oct. 01, 2014.