Werner Von Claptrap

Werner Von Claptrap (Ken Raabe) is a Chicago actor, musician, and stage writer. In the 1980s and 1990s, he appeared regularly in bars and small stages in Chicago playing music and doing “science fiction burlesque sketch comedy” which evolved into several Lump Bros. Secret Circus productions including, Asleep and Places Like It and Time Hangs A Louie. He is a trade show and TV performer (Beyond the Magic Door – WBBM Ch 2 -Emmy Award – 1984), and is a member of the Piccolo Theatre in Evanston. He is a Pisces, having two invisible fish in his head which are swimming furiously in opposite directions.

Fan Quotes:

“The musicians are kitschy and keep the laughs coming.” Lindsey B. (Yelp)
” I enjoyed the comedian and the older man who did a three-legged jig. ” Randy B. (Yelp)

Enjoy a bit of his alter-ego “Jake The Peg” in this quick clip!

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