Minnie Minx

“She may be 5-foot-nothing, but she’ll make you stand up tall!”

Minnie Minx began dancing burlesque in 2011, but she started dreaming of burlesque long before. The stage always called to her. Born & raised in Chicago, IL, young Minnie took her first acting class at 4-years-old, longing for the glamour of Hollywood. She would frequent local costume shops to browse the wigs and drape herself in feather boas, but her love for performance extended beyond costumes. Everything was more heightened onstage. More romantic. Bigger.

So Minnie pursued the biggest and loudest styles of performance: musical theatre, Shakespeare, clown, vaudeville/cabaret, and commedia dell’arte. Many years, many shows, and a theatre degree later, Minnie Minx finally saw her first burlesque show. She was hooked! She immediately sought out classes and found Studio L’Amour, where she still takes classes when she can. She saw shows, watched movies, and read books about burlesque. Minnie Minx made her burlesque debut with The Kiss Kiss Cabaret and continues to perform with the troupe voted Chicago’s #1 by the Reader.

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