Our Gorgeous Cast & Crew

– The Kiss Kiss Coquettes –


The Kiss Kiss Coquettes bring the sparkle, shine and dazzle that our audiences come to see again and again. Every burlesque striptease performed by the Kiss Kiss Coquettes is choreographed, costumed and designed by the individual performer! We think they’re the finest performers in Chicago burlesque! To learn how you can become a Kiss Kiss Coquette, click here.


    – The Hosts –


    The hosts of the Kiss Kiss Cabaret have to be smart, funny, spontaneous and above all else, Charming As Hell. Using only a running order to drive the show, our hosts improvise a great deal of what you hear from them onstage! This makes every performance unique and unrepeatable!


    – The Variety Acts –


    Comedy, music, magic, juggling and acrobatics all represent the sorts of things you would’ve seen at a classic burlesque show! You can see all of these amazing performers in regular rotation at The Kiss Kiss Cabaret!


    – The Production Staff –


    The people who work behind the scenes to make it all happen. Our amazing production staff!